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Allegiance, Family, and History

What’s past is past but it’s not the last

We’re not alive to just remember.

When life has said to you:

Not a chance, but two.

Life has granted you a second chance.

[Music and lyrics by Jay Kuo]

Truly “we’re not alive to just remember,” yet we remember in order to extract meaning and lessons from the past. I found out about Allegiance back in 2010 when I heard the song “Second Chances” sung by Lea Salonga. Being a fan of musicals, I wanted to see the show in person. Thankfully, I got a chance to see Allegiance on Broadway in October 2015. I enjoyed the performance and I assume many of the audience members around me did as well based on the laughter and tears that they shed. I must say that Michael K. Lee’s portrayal of his character Frankie was the standout for me.

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