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Bunraku and Lion King; Puppetry and Reality

The Lion King is one of the most successful musicals in recent history. As of 2015, 80 million people have seen the musical throughout 6 continents. It continues to run on Broadway, West End, Hamburg, and Tokyo and shows no sign of stopping. The “Circle of Life” lives on as each generation experiences the artistry and coming-of-age story.

No doubt that the magic of puppetry contributes to the ongoing success of The Lion King. According to Julie Taymor, the musical’s director and costume designer, Ningyou joururi (人形浄瑠璃)or Bunraku (文楽), Japanese puppet theater, served as an inspiration for the puppets’ designs. Puppets are fascinating pieces of art. We (humans) know that they are inanimate objects and have no life, but when a person moves them, they begin to reflect human behavior, expressions, and speech. They are given a breath of life. Continue reading “Bunraku and Lion King; Puppetry and Reality”

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