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Long-term Care (LTC): How do we prepare for it?

Long-term care Long-term care involves a lot of long-term planning. Seeing my grandparents who have dementia, among other illnesses, makes me realize why it is crucial to plan for long-term care as early as possible and while we are still healthy. Needless to say, there are plenty of emotional and financial costs involved when caring for the elderly. For those of us who have not yet reached that stage in our lives, this is a good time to think about potential strategies so that when the time comes, hopefully we can feel less stressed about the situation.


What is long-term care (LTC)?

Most people probably associate long-term care with nursing homes, but that is not the complete picture. It is helpful to think of long-term care as the support that a person needs in order to perform his/her activities of daily living (ADLs) during his/her later years [More on ADLs here]. This can mean receiving care at one’s own home or living in a nursing home or assisted living.


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